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site name Bruks-Siwertell
site name Bruks-Siwertell

Terminal - USA

Siwertell Terminal for cement, USA

Complying with strict regulations in California

Calaveras Cement Terminal at Port of Stockton, US ordered Siwertell systems as they could comply to all of Californias stringent environmental regulations  


A main criterion when selecting the terminal equipment was to comply with the Californian environmental regulations that have the world’s most stringent demands on emission levels.

The Siwertell continuous screw-type ship unloader is equipped with side tilting function of the vertical arm, operator’s cabin, central lubrication system, belt lifter and a clean-up unit.  With a totally enclosed conveying system from inlet to outlet, thus working under negative pressure, as well as the belt lifter transfer system to receiving screw conveyor and pneumatic conveying system, the unloader complies with the Californian emission regulations.

The ship unloader is equipped with an operator’s cabin and a tilting function for the vertical arm, which is a motion perpendicular to the horizontal arm for improved reach in the ship’s hold. 

A tailor made gantry design for distribution of the load from the ship unloader in order to meet the permissible load level of 15 tonnes/wheel was also a vital part of the project. 

Scope of supply

  • Calculations, design, manufacturing, delivery, erection, commissioning of the ship unloader, and conveying/distribution system
  • Design, delivery and installation of electrical distribution, PLC and control system
  • Complete erection, commissioning and start up tests
  • Tailor made training programme for operators and maintenance crew

For more information, please contact us

Sales Manager, Northern Africa & Europe

Bertil Andersson

+46 705895920

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Calaveras Cement Co.

Additional facts

Terminal supply

Siwertell ship unloader, conveying and distribution systems

Unloader model, weight

Siwertell ST 490, rail-mounted, 272t

Ship size, unl. capacity

35,000 dwt, beam = 28m, 700t/h

Horizontal screw conveyor

HNL800, length 110m

Pneumatic conveying system

For distribution to silos

Conveying distance

Up to 127m horizontally, 18m vertically


Electrical control and high voltage distribution system including transformed switch gears, canalistation and cabling

37.951037265808, -121.32661465471

Port of Stockton, California, USA