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site name Bruks-Siwertell
site name Bruks-Siwertell

Terminal - France

Siwertell Terminal for cement, France

Complete terminal

Siwertell was awarded the turn-key contract for this Le Havre cement terminal due to being able to supply a combination of unloader, loader, conveyors and flat storage  


The terminal is designed for discharging cement from ocean going vessels, conveying it to a rebuilt flat storage building and back to the jetty barge, to load river barges or to convey the cement to silos for loading trucks.

Cement is conveyed from the jetty barge by a horizontal screw conveyor and a belt conveyor to the horizontal screw conveyors in the flat storage building. 

Total storage capacity of the terminal is about 25,000t, and it’s designed to use the same conveyors for unloading and loading, by having the horizontal screw conveyors and the belt conveyor to transport cement in both directions. 

This as well as other functions are controlled by an advanced PC based control system. For the bulk truck loading an automatic PC based weighing system is installed. 

Scope of supply 

  • Design, manufacturing, delivery and installation of ship unloader,  combined with loading possibility for barges. The heavy steel structure of the unloader is used to carry also the loader.
  • Rebuilding of a barge to carry the travelling combined Siwertell ship unloader/loader.
  • Design, manufacturing, delivery and installation of shore conveying and dispatch equipment.
  • Design delivery and installation of electrical distribution, PLC and PC control system.
  • Start-up tests and commissioning

For more information, please contact us

Sales Manager, Northern Africa & Europe

Bertil Andersson

+46 705895920

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Additional facts

Terminal supply

Siwertell ship unloader, conveying system to flat storage, reclaiming system to packing plant, packing plant with truck loading, plant compressor, automatic control system

Unloader model / weight

Siwertell ST 490, rail-mounted / 261t

Ship size / unloading cap.

45,000 dwt, beam = 32m / 800t/h

Loader model / loading cap.

Siwertell 600 with loading bellows / 400t/h

Barge size / loading cap.

Eurobarge 79mx11.4m / Jetty screw conveyor length: 75m

Belt conveyor capacity

800 tph / Truck loading capacity: 200 tph/each

Conveying description

Distribution of cement to flat storage with horizontal screw conveyor. Dispatch from flat storage to silos with vertical screw conveyors for truck loading or for loading to barges.

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Le Havre, France