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site name Bruks-Siwertell

Ship unloader - Thailand

Siwertell ship unloader

SCG steps ahead with sustainable unloading operations 

SCG International Corporation was looking to improve the sustainability and environmental impact of its operations by replacing its previous regime of unloading coal using excavators. It found a solution that could not only deliver this, but also increase its coal-handling efficiency and throughput. 


At its Wat Bandai terminal, close to Ayutthaya in Thailand, SCG International Corporation Co Ltd had been handling coal using excavators to load hoppers for a number of years, in keeping with various other sites along the country’s Pa Sak river. However, rising environmental concerns from within the company and from the Thai Government potentially looking to ban this type of unloading, meant that SCG was seeking an opportunity for change. 

It needed to improve the sustainability of its operations, dramatically curb its spillage and dust-related environmental impact, and reduce noise emissions. SCG also wanted to increase the throughput of its unloading operations, while also reducing cargo losses from material degradation associated with using excavators. 


The terminal is an essential import hub for SCG, coal is received at the site and then distributed to consumers within the SCG Group. To maintain an efficient flow of material, SCG opted for a Siwertell ST 640-M ship unloader, capable of unloading coal barges up to 2,000 dwt at a rate of 800t/h. 

The Siwertell vertical-screw unloader provides efficient, enclosed material transfer from the hold to the shore receiving system. Its inlet feeder is submerged into the dry bulk cargo, and conveys material without dust or spillage, and with absolute minimal degradation. For SCG, by removing the crushing forces exerted by excavator buckets, more of its coal cargo would remain intact during unloading operations. 


As expected, SCG’s Siwertell unloader now offers the company a completely new method of handling coal; from a sequence of movements to a continuous stream of totally-enclosed environmentally friendly material transfer. 

The production of dust and other pollution has been virtually eliminated at the Wat Bandai terminal, while the rate of cargo handling has vastly increased. 

Its new owners note that the unloader has, on occasion, outperformed its specification when unloading certain grades of coal at the terminal; meanwhile, the spoilage rates for each shipment have gone from high to negligible, allowing not only more but a better degree of coal to be handled through the port.

An initial service agreement was also put in place to keep the unloader running in peak condition.

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Additional facts

Unloader model

ST 640-M

Unloading capacity


Maximum ship size

Barge 2000 dwt

Total weight


Material handled


14.466918381351, 100.60813934687

Wat Bandai along the Pasak River, close to Ayutthaya, Thailand