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Siwertell ship unloader

Unique assembly project brings Siwertell unloader into service

US bulk specialist, Keystone, acquired the second-hand components of a Siwertell ship unloader, which had never been assembled in the ten years since its delivery to another operator. As part of a coordinated effort, it is now in service, delivering high-capacity, dust-free dry bulk unloading.

Customer need 

The unexpected market downturn in 2009 meant that a new Siwertell VST-790 D screw-type ship unloader never entered service; ten years later, in 2019, its new owners, the bulk terminal specialist Keystone, based in Jacksonville Port, Florida, acquired the parts for its own use. The facility is already familiar with Bruks Siwertell, operating a Bruks truck dump system for its processed wood intake for a number of years.

Although originally designed for handling sulfur, Keystone wanted an unloader to meet its future expansion plans for use with as many different dry bulk materials as possible including cement, synthetic gypsum, and agromax – a mix of old and new slag and fly ash from coal burning facilities, which must be enclosed for handling.

Bruks Siwertell’s supervision for the electrical and mechanical work was required, alongside working with a local contractor to minimize the project’s timeframe.

Furthermore, to ensure that the operator could make the most out of its new unloader, training needed to be undertaken throughout the whole installation process, with more training scheduled once the unloader was in full operation.

Our solution

Assembling older parts that have never been used required a different approach and a fair amount of work was necessary to restore the ship unloader to an ‘as new’ condition. It now offers a continuous rated capacity of 1,500t/h and is an essential part of replacing Keystone’s open-air handling procedures. 

The screw-type conveying technology is proven, reliable, and most importantly, delivers fully enclosed, dust-free operations, with zero spillage. This extends to all the materials that the unloader handles, increasing flexibility and environmental protection at Keystone.

Good results have been achieved with all the new materials tested. Assuming the moisture content can be kept under five percent, the unloader can be used for agromax, as well as synthetic gypsum. Cement, ground slag, and fly ash present no issues as a result of their lower moisture contents.

The terminal’s unloading efficiency and capacity have also been increased, and both Bruks Siwertell and the customer are confident that this new-old machine will deliver a competitive edge. The market often brings unexpected changes, so customers should get in touch when, as in Jacksonville, they are faced with an interesting challenge.

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