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Siwertell ship unloader

Bespoke training increases unloader expertise in Brazil

Realizing the performance and safety benefits of tailored operator training programs is Brazilian power-generation company, Eneva. Operating a Siwertell unloader at its 360MW thermoelectric plant in Itaqui, Eneva completed its first program in 2014, and then returned for a scaled-up version for numerous new personnel.

Customer need 

When its Siwertell 790 D-type continuous ship unloader went into operation in 2014, Eneva approached Bruks Siwertell to provide theoretical and practical training, enabling its personnel to operate the new unloader safely and efficiently. Upon completion, six local operators were competent in all aspects of unloader operation, ensuring the best performance possible. 

Two years later, Eneva needed to significantly expand its available pool of qualified personnel; training a much larger number of operators, 26 in total, as well as a process engineer. 

Almost all of the students had already gained initial experience with the unloader, working under the supervision of the operators trained and certified by Bruks Siwertell in 2014. However, to ensure the efficiency of the logistics process, minimize discharge times and maximize operational availability and safety, Eneva wanted its new personnel to gain expert knowledge of the equipment directly from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). 

Eneva also wanted its new operators to be trained on the actual equipment they will be using, making it essential to undertake the training on site. 

Our solution

Bruks Siwertell consulted with Eneva to devise a bespoke training package. Eneva wanted to provide its new trainees with the same level of knowledge about machine construction, root-cause analysis, trouble-shooting and operating techniques as the original class of 2014. 

Properly trained operators follow safe, efficient working practices, respond better in emergency scenarios, and minimize the risk of damage to equipment. The most effective training requires delivery by an expert and a combination of approaches; theoretical, hands-on, and experiential training on the actual equipment used.

Bruks Siwertell believes that while the need for initial operator training is obvious, training can be very useful for refreshing operators’ skills after a few years. While in-house trickle-down training is sometimes used for new operators, the best practice is always to offer them OEM specialist training, exactly as in this case with personnel at Itaqui. 

Upon completion of the training, Lino Souza, Operations Manager for Eneva at Itaqui said: “We were very satisfied with the training provided; the trainees said it was particularly useful to them to apply their training in ship unloading operations.”

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