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site name Bruks-Siwertell
site name Bruks-Siwertell
Siwertell ship unloader

Voices of directors reflect on what it takes to transform dry bulk handling

6 Mar 2024

Since 1974, Siwertell screw-type unloaders have offered the cleanest and most efficient dry bulk unloading operations available, along with very high capacities; this impressive legacy is reinforced by the market’s growing demands for increased efficiency and minimal environmental impact.

The success of Siwertell screw conveyor technology is based on its unique inlet feeder, designed and developed by the two Swedish inventors, Olle Siwersson and Gunnar Tell, who combined their surnames to give the brand its famous name, Siwertell. It has now been fifty years since the counter-rotating inlet feeder was patented. 

In celebration of Siwertell ship unloading technology’s fifty-year anniversary, we have asked the Bruks Siwertell AB board of directors to reflect upon the impact that screw-type ship unloading technology has had on the dry bulk handling market, and how the individual contributions of personnel has helped navigate the company during this time.

In recognition of the importance of these voices and their experiences to the legacy of Siwertell ship unloaders and screw-type unloading systems, we have created a dedicated section on our website, where readers can gain insight into their thoughts and contributions.

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Speaking from the heart

The board of directors are not removed from the company, they are at its core, with many making their way through different positions and management levels to lead them to the place that they are now. The influence of their backgrounds, both personal and experientially within the company, are recognized as intrinsic to driving it forward, ensuring that Bruks Siwertell remains revolutionary, and continues to transform the dry bulk handling industry.

Throughout the year, we will publish these individual reflections of the board, starting with Jonas Fack, Managing Director and President of Bruks Siwertell AB. Fack has held many positions within the company over three decades, staring in 1994 as a product manager for mobile unloaders.

“We all use our experiences, backgrounds and education to inform our decision making,” says Fack. “Military service as a paratrooper taught me the importance of teamwork; nothing is stronger than the weakest link, and a team’s ability is always larger than the sum of its individuals. A university degree in industrial engineering and management has given me analytical strengths, and competing in individual sports, such as sailing and golf when growing up, has taught me to trust in my own abilities. 

“The combination of these gave me a solid platform from which to grow, along with the influence of ‘good’ leaders at the start of my professional career. All have proved their worth when changing screw conveyors in the jungle, unloading ships in the middle of the night, as well as negotiating challenging multimillion-dollar contracts,” he adds.

You can find out more about the stories and legacy of our company and its Siwertell ship unloading technology, spoken in the words of our directors, over the following months here.

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