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site name Bruks-Siwertell
Movable transfer trolley for Siwertell ship unloader

Transforming dry bulk transfers with no spillage, no dust and no waste

4 Nov 2019

Any wasted material, either through spillage or spoilage, is environmentally unsustainable and economically unwise. Globally, we are learning that all raw material is a valuable, often finite, resource and unnecessary losses are becoming increasingly unacceptable, both from an environmental and operational perspective.

When handling and transferring huge volumes of dry bulk material between locations there is an intrinsic capacity to generate dust and spill cargo, we believe that containment is therefore essential to mitigate these risks.

Siwertell screw-type ship unloaders are based on totally-enclosed technology, ensuring that all the cargo reaches its destination and brings dust emissions down to negligible levels. Highly efficient rail-travelling units, which move along the quay from one ship hold to another, deliver the market’s highest continuous unloading capacities and through-ship rates. 


Movable transfer trolley for Siwertell ship unloader


Distinct operational advantages

From the unloader, it is important that onward conveying systems are able to maintain this capacity and cleanliness, particularly when handling very dry dusty or powdery materials. These conveying systems are tailored to meet the specific needs of the dry bulk material handling operation. A notable option, which allows unloaded material to be transferred from the rail-travelling unloader to a fixed conveyor system on the quay, is the movable transfer trolley. It offers the distinct advantage of being able to undertake this material transfer without dust or cargo spillage. The design is also more compact and less costly than a conventional conveyor gallery.

The transfer trolley acts as a junction between the unloader and the conveyor. The belt- or screw-type quay conveyor is assembled within a trough, which is covered by a specially designed rubber belt, ensuring that material is contained. The movable transfer trolley is attached to the unloader and then mounted onto the quay conveyor, which runs parallel to the quay edge, in line with the unloader’s rails.

As the unloader moves along its rails, so does the transfer trolley. The special rubber belt that covers the quay conveyor trough is lifted by the moveable transfer trolley to allow cargo to be fed into it. As the trolley moves along the quay conveyor, the covering belt is seamlessly lifted and lowered on top of the trough. 


No loss of efficiency or capacity 

An unloading arrangement that incorporates this movable transfer trolley not only completely eliminates dust and spillage at the cargo transfer points, but it also enables the ship unloader to operate freely together with the quay conveyor with no loss of efficiency or capacity. 

In addition to the moveable transfer trolley, Bruks Siwertell offers several optional accessories for its Siwertell ship unloaders such as an operator’s cabin, reach extender, clean-up units and hoists.

Customer references are invaluable for demonstrating technology in service. Click here to find out more about the movable transfer trolley and see how effective it is in operation.



Jonas Fack
President, Bruks Siwertell AB

Jonas Fack

+46 766 771501

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