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Personnel training embeds Group-wide sustainability ambitions

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11 Dec 2023

Sustainability goal: social

Bruks Siwertell Group has a number of sustainability targets, and personnel satisfaction is high on the agenda. In 2022, a system for Group-wide employee satisfaction surveys was introduced. The results are recorded as an employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), which is scaled from -100 to 100. 

The eNPS value is one of Bruks Siwertell’s new key figures and by 2030, the target is to raise this score from an initial measurement of 25, in 2022, to 30. As part of this strategy, widespread personnel training programs have been introduced to boost the Group’s sustainability ambitions and to highlight areas where improvements can be made. 

“If we are to reach our ambitions, all personnel need to have a basic understanding of sustainability and what it entails,” says Anna Halling, Chief Strategy Officer, Bruks Siwertell. “My hope is that, through these training programs, which indirectly connect to all our sustainability targets, awareness amongst personnel will improve, and we can build on a process where each individual person can think about what they can do differently within their role.” 


Solution and results

Throughout the Group, three-hour interactive on-site compulsory training sessions, combining a mixture of theory and discussions, have been carried out. They included popular climate tests, and fun competitions around climate knowledge, including measuring an individual’s climate footprint. 

The sessions provided a platform for sharing knowledge about sustainability and what it means within the company as well.  The results are that all personnel who undertook the training now have a base level of climate knowledge and what, why, and how sustainability targets are being used within the company. 

“Our hope is that the training will permeate the Group,” notes Halling. “The sessions ensured that participants left with fresh perspectives. Over the course of three hours, we delved deep into the realm of sustainability, transcending the conventional notions of merely environmental concerns.”

Feedback from participants in the Bjuv, Sweden, training sessions provided interesting insight. “Three interesting hours that broadened my thinking about sustainability, when previously I mostly associated it with the environment and climate,” says Anneli Ållemark, Administrator Internal Services, Bruks Siwertell.

“This is a sentiment echoed across many participants who attended the training,” explains Halling. “Our sessions go beyond the ‘green’ and highlight the multifaceted involvement of sustainability work. They also illuminate how our actions can impact not just the environment but also social, economic, and ethical dimensions.”

As an example, Richard Heu, Key Account Manager, Bruks Siwertell, honestly expressed: “This training gave me more understanding of what sustainability actually is and the complexity it entails. To survive as a company, you really have to take sustainability seriously to still be successful in 2030.” 

“This forward-looking perspective highlights the necessity for businesses to integrate sustainability into their core strategies,” continues Halling.

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Small things make a difference

Similar feedback was received from other Swedish business sites in Bäckefors and Arbrå. 
“The increase in CO2 over the centuries, demonstrated from ice samples from Antarctica, was really an eye-opener I think,” says Mikael Leek, Quality and Facility Manager, Bruks Siwertell, from Arbrå. “You cannot turn a blind eye to it. Take home messages from the training also taught me that all efforts are important, even the small, simple things that you can do, make a difference. Also, receiving suggestions in the test that we did, via smartphones, was very concrete and good!”

In Bäckefors, Fredrik Schmidt, Sales and Marketing Assistant, Bruks Siwertell, reflected on the training: “Calculating our own personal climate footprint was an eye-opener for many of us, who perhaps thought we were better at sustainability than we are.”

From the Atlanta, US, office, Taylor Polacheck, Design Engineer, Bruks Siwertell, notes: “Our sustainability training was interesting and impactful. Looking at sustainability not only from a business standpoint, but also from a personal and community perspective, broke the concept down into small achievable tasks that we can incorporate into daily activities. The various activities throughout the day made the information digestible, and I feel that the information we learned will positively influence us as an office and as a community moving forward.”

“In the ever-changing landscape of business, sustainability is not a mere trend; it is a prerequisite for long-term success and relevance. Furthermore, the complexity of sustainability often goes unnoticed, but is a vital aspect to grasp for progress and is not solely about planting trees or reducing waste; it is a holistic approach, encompassing ethical sourcing, fair labor practices, and responsible supply chains,” Halling says.

“As we look to the future, these insights remind us of the importance of continuing our sustainability journey. Sustainability is not just a one-time event, but a continuous commitment to creating a better world. I hope that through these programs, we can carry forward knowledge and inspiration into our daily work, championing sustainable practices that extend beyond our organization to positively impact society and our planet,” concludes Halling.

All new personnel will continue to receive sustainability training, along with the completion of training for one remaining business unit with the Group in 2024. Some of the upcoming training sessions will also be recorded, for individuals who may have been absent on the actual training day. 

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Monitoring and assessing sustainability milestones and achievements

Bruks Siwertell Group’s sustainability goals are assessed from an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) perspective, with each initiative falling into one or more of these categories. This is to clarify how different initiatives impact our overall sustainability work, and how their results can be used to maximum effect. It also contributes to our commitment to transparency. All aspects of our sustainability work are designed to be educational, so that we increase our knowledge and adjust our ambitions accordingly.


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