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Lean business approach benefits customers and personnel

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30 Nov 2023

Sustainability goal: governance 

Bruks Siwertell Group has set a number of ambitions for 2030. In terms of governance, the Group is aiming for 100 percent compliance with Code of Conduct regulations for both supplier and customers and 100 percent of work processes updated and improved.

Part of updating and improving governance processes starts with an understanding of current inefficiencies and engineering bottlenecks. Aside from standardized systems such as Siwertell road-mobile and port-mobile unloaders, Siwertell technology is tailored for every application, which can result in long lead times. Customers are looking for shorter delivery schedules, and the company is looking to meet these through improving efficiencies, increasing production capacity, and better margins.

“No company is perfectly efficient, says Jonas Fack, Managing Director and President of Bruks Siwertell AB. “A lean approach passes efficiency savings onto customers, ensures consistency and improvements in build qualities and creates a working environment that benefits personnel. Increasing the productivity of the team really boosts morale and offers customers and stakeholders much greater project transparency.”

Solution and results

Twenty-four plan, do, check, act (PDCA) initiatives have been completed in 2023 as well as system applications and products (SAP) development implementation, and work on modularization and standardization strategies.

“All personnel have been involved, from engineering to sales, in the lean process and that is because every person has a role to play in the future sustainability of our company and in meeting our sustainability targets,” explains Fack.

Improvements have been systematic and wide ranging, from visible, functional aspects such as better lighting, air-conditioning and safety signage, through to the automation of some processes, making it easier to access information and follow up progress though complex quotation progression.

“It is part of our DNA to search for improvements,” he continues. “We know areas that we need to address further, not just processes, but in collaborations and ways of working. This is a continuous development, part of which will be knowledge transfer, sharing our experiences and best practice from Bjuv more widely with other units in the Group. We hope to inspire all sites to work in a leaner way.”

Bruks Siwertell is currently validating the impact of altering the engineering scope of supply, and the improved coordination between marketing, sales and production. This includes specific structures in meetings to enable greater input from production pre-planning ahead of a contract to production planning following an order, which should result in many benefits, including shorter lead times. 

Monitoring and assessing sustainability milestones and achievements

Bruks Siwertell Group’s sustainability goals are assessed from an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) perspective, with each initiative falling into one or more of these categories. This is to clarify how different initiatives impact our overall sustainability work, and how their results can be used to maximum effect. It also contributes to our commitment to transparency. All aspects of our sustainability work are designed to be educational, so that we increase our knowledge and adjust our ambitions accordingly.


Jonas Fack
President, Bruks Siwertell AB

Jonas Fack

+46 766 771501

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