The design capacity of a ship unloader can be different from the actual capacity achieved. The study will give you information on how efficient your unloading process actually is. During the study (made on site) Siwertell will collect data such as; capacity from belt scale, power consumption of the vertical conveyor, power consumption of the horizontal conveyor, angle of horizontal arm, speed of the inlet feeder, set value (set value from potentiometer to controller), actual value, shifting time, clean-up method and capacity, unloading method and so on.


Factors like the condition of the ship unloader, the skills of the operators and maintenance crew, downstream equipment, downtime due to external factors, movements between the ships holds, lifting bobcats and clean-up operations, are all measured and evaluated for improvement. 

After completing the study on site, Siwertell will evaluate the data and compare it with other installations. Finally, a recommendation will be made.


With the report in your hands, you will know how efficient your unloading process is. You will also discover the bottlenecks in your unloading facilities. The study will give you the opportunity to: - increase the performance of the unloading process and minimise costs - reduce turn-around time for the vessels - the cost of the study is often paid back after one day of reduced unloading time.

scope of supply

  • preparation at Siwertell office
  • travel and study on site during a complete unloading period
  • all special tools and analysis equipment needed
  • evaluation and reporting time at Siwertell office
  • presentation of the report both verbally and in writing
  • follow-up at the next visit