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Turn to experts to safeguard your investment

Ørsted (Former Dong Energy) is Denmark’s leading power company and one of Northern Europe’s largest energy groups. In 2012 it ordered a Siwertell type ST 790-D ship unloader from Siwertell for unloading wood pellets and coal for its combined heat and power station at Avedøre, just south of Copenhagen, discharging ships of up to 10,000 dwt at a rated capacity of 800t/h. The unloader was delivered and commissioned in 2013.

Ørsted entered into a Siwertell CARE agreement to safeguard its investment and the supply of fuel to the multi-fuel power station, one of the most advanced of its kind in the world, achieving fuel efficiencies of up to 94 percent.

Jens Nybo Stilling Sørensen, Port Specialist for Ørsted, explains the company’s rationale for entering into the agreement right at the start of operations. “We have never operated a Siwertell unloader before; therefore we do not have any experience of this type of machine. This was one of our main reasons for signing up to a service agreement. We also know this type of service agreement, because we have a similar one in place for our grab crane.”

He says it is also extremely important to determine the right level of service for both the mechanical and electrical aspects of the equipment. “This is why we will have annual inspections of the equipment. This enables us to better plan for service activities to be carried out. We also use the service agreement to prepare our budgets for the next few years.”

Matching operational and maintenance needs

Siwertell service agreements have been developed to make it easy for customers to obtain the best level of support for their operational needs.

“Our experience tells us that when customers invest in Siwertell CARE agreements, it means that they can realistically expect their machinery to deliver the maximum operative availability throughout its service-life, despite incurring minimum maintenance costs, says Daniel Frostberg, Director for Siwertell Services.

Service agreement Siwertell ship unloader

24-hour phone support

The Avedøre power station supplies around 200,000 households with heat and generates about 30 percent of the electricity consumed on Zealand, which is equivalent to an annual electricity consumption of around 1.3 million homes. This big local responsibility is one reason why Ørsted appreciates the 24-hour hotline available with its Siwertell CARE agreement.

“Both the 24-hour hotline and the 12-hour emergency call out service at our site are very important,” says Mr Sørensen. “We have ships arriving almost daily, and we need our machinery running daily as well. The 24-hour phone support ensures that we will always be able to get in contact with Siwertell support, and this helps us to keep our machine safe and running. The fixed pricelists also help us to get an idea of potential costs when this service is needed.”

He notes that issues can often be addressed with a phone call. “In the last six-months we have used the 24-hour service about 10 times; seven of these times the matter was resolved over the phone, and three times assistance was needed on location.

“Every time we have been in contact with Siwertell service engineers, they have been very professional and we have had access to the right person to take care of our problem, either mechanical or electrical.”

Out-sourcing maintenance burdens

Mr Frostberg says that Ørsted’s appreciation of out-sourced service arrangements reflects a growing trend. “We see an increasing number of companies wishing to ensure the effectiveness and longevity of their equipment, while managing costs and removing the in house maintenance burden. We are always happy to discuss the most effective and cost efficient service solutions.