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Planned maintenance is much cheaper than unplanned

Bruks Siwertell equipment is recognized worldwide for reliability and long service life. Contracting us to service and maintain your equipment ensures that it always meets the latest performance and safety standards and delivers maximum efficiency.

When you have a proactive approach to maintenance you will have fewer breakdowns. Service labor and spare parts can be planned well ahead of critical replacement dates, reducing costs. Wear and tear can be attended to in a timely manner instead of leading to breakdowns.

Most operators value effective maintenance programs and a growing number are taking advantage of the benefits offered by planned maintenance and service agreements.

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Siwertell maintenance

18 years of daily operations

Despite its location in the middle of the rain forest, with adverse conditions such as high humidity, strong sunshine and high winds, the equipment has proved to be very robust, giving Hermasa confidence that it will have along service life, says Terminal Supervisor Jander Santos.

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Ship unloader

A worthwhile investment

Southern Star Shipping looks after its investments well, carrying out regular maintenance in line with the operations manual. Wear parts are replaced as necessary and a number of upgrades have been made. 

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Ship loader

Expert attention minimizes downtime

Until Bruks Siwertell was called in for specialist assistance with the bearing replacement, Akcansa had carried out its own maintenance procedures, but this is about to change. "From now on we want to benefit more from the expertise of Bruks Siwertell and we will request a periodic check every year," says Ozan Kirkgöz, Akcansa Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor.

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10 tips to get the best from your ship unloader

10 Top tips

Effective service strategies, good operator training and timely replacement of wear parts are needed to maintain high performance and extend the service life of your Bruks Siwertell equipment. Here are our Field Services’ ten top tips to help you get the very best from your ship unloader in terms of performance, safety and longevity.

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