Siwertell bulk terminals: designed to meet your potential

Increasing global demands and ever stricter environmental regulations means that dry bulk terminals are changing. Siwertell’s tailor-made dry bulk solutions allow terminal operators to meet their full potential in the face of these changes. Siwertell can provide ship loaders, unloaders and conveying systems to handle virtually any dry bulk material. Using Siwertell as a one-stop-shop for all your terminal equipment means that the well-matched machinery will work perfectly together and service requirements are simplified. Siwertell designs and delivers bulk terminals worldwide. 

Bulk terminals to suit sensitive environments

Siwertell terminals meet the most stringent environmental regulations. Conveying lines are totally-enclosed, leading to minimal dust emissions and no spillage. Siwertell screw-type unloaders and conveyor units are extremely quiet, making them ideal for use in populated areas.

Cost-savings under scrutiny

Bulk terminals using high-capacity, high-efficiency unloaders, loaders and conveying systems from Siwertell stand to make substantial cost savings from reduced unloading and loading times. Material flow within the terminal is smooth and automated. Totally-enclosed systems ensure that there is no material loss, while clean-up costs are minimal. Siwertell-designed terminal systems maintain operational efficiency throughout the entire dry bulk handling process and can switch between cargoes when needed.