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Mobile chippers: high capacity wood chipping wherever you need it

Forty years of experience, combined with customer-driven technological developments, mean that Bruks Siwertell offers the most comprehensive portfolio of market-leading mobile chippers. These powerful, high capacity machines can be used off road, at the roadside or in terminals for the production of quality biofuel wood chips from forest residues.

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All our models are tailor-made and designed to offer flexible operations, delivering impressive wood-processing capabilities in the field. The largest of our units can process full-length trees and logs up to a diameter of 60cm.

Bruks’ mobile drum chippers are well known for their robust design, reliability and long service lives. They can be maintained and serviced easily and safely. Time-tested technology means the chips flow smoothly through the chipper, minimizing wear and energy consumption, while maintaining extremely high chip quality.

Our mobile chipping units can be specified with their own engines, in truck driven machines or as tractor driven chippers.

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Compact powerhouse chippers

Bruks chippers, fitted with their own engines, benefit from low weights and compact designs. These chippers are particularly suitable for installation on a variety of carriers such as trucks, trailers or hook-lift frames and can be equipped with a number of accessories to fit different installations.

Heavy-duty versions have been developed with hydraulically driven feed units with high retraction forces and closed drums that deliver improved chipping drum efficiency, chip quality and chip discharge with a new version of Bruks’ chip accelerator.

Bruks mobile chipper

Highly flexible on-truck chippers

Bruks’ on-truck chippers can easily relocate to different chipping sites, delivering high operational flexibility and efficiency. They are also well known for their reliability and long service lives.

Our on-truck systems have been combined with state-of-the-art truck technology and all electrical and hydraulic systems are interconnected. On the truck there is a mounting frame and foundations for the chipper, chip bin and crane.

Our latest drum chippers are used on the trucks. They are designed to have an aggressive, high capacity infeed and a closed drum for best chip quality. Chip output is maximized by a chip accelerator. Different chippers can be specified for various applications and a number of accessories can be supplied to ensure our market-leading chippers perfectly suit your needs.

Bruks mobile chipper

Specially designed trailers

We offer specially designed trailers that are ideally paired with our market-leading mobile drum chipper range. Trailers are delivered complete with transmission, hydraulics and a common control system for crane and chipper; a complete unit ready to be connected to a suitable tractor with ease.

The trailer is equipped with a complete transmission system for the chipper and hydraulics with a distribution gearbox powered from the tractor’s power take off shaft (PTO). This system allows the hydraulics to be used without the chipper rotating.

Bruks mobile chipper trailer

Complete control

Our control systems ensure complete electrical control and effective monitoring for our chipper units. Different chippers have various control arrangements. If fitted with an engine, control systems monitor engine oil and water temperatures and levels, and oil pressure. Indicators are installed to identify filter clogging in the hydraulic oil system.

Monitoring systems are also included for chipper safety functions such as the position of the anvil holder and electronic infeed load control.

Mobile chipper trailer

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