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Daniel Nilsson - Project Leader Electrical Systems

My name is Daniel Nilsson. I work with the new sales engineering group as Project Leader for Electrical Systems. Although I am based near Helsingborg in Sweden, there are times when you might find me almost anywhere in the world.

My work is divided between the office and the field

I’ll explain how my work is divided between the office and the field. At the start of a project, to design and build a new machine, we do all the calculations and purchase specifications for the electrical system. In drawing up these specifications we aim to future-proof the machine as far as possible and we take into account the long life expectancy of our machines and the harsh conditions in which they operate.

Then, towards the end of the project, we travel to the installation site, where, along with our colleagues in the technical department, we are responsible for the commissioning process. During commissioning we carry out the setup of the machine and performance tests, to ensure that we can deliver a first-rate machine to a satisfied customer. For my position, you need electrical knowledge, relevant qualifications and previous experience in this kind of work.

I’m still amazed by what we do

There are two things that are quite amazing about our machines. You never quite understand how big they actually can be. One machine I’m working on at the moment can be compared to a 15 storey building. The second thing is their environmental friendliness. It is not just that there is hardly any dust and no spillage in the intake, although these are very important attributes, they are also very efficient. We work hard to make our machines ever more efficient, through reductions in power consumption and advanced unloading techniques. When I look at traditional loaders and unloaders, especially grab cranes and bucket systems, it really makes me appreciate our contribution to protecting the environment. 

Seeing the world; meeting new people

I enjoy my job. I work with great colleagues and no two days are ever the same. I get to visit places in the world I never thought I would see. I meet all kinds of people from around the world and I get to work with the kind of people I always wanted to work with.

This is a place where you can really make progress

I think Siwertell is an excellent place for people with drive and ambition. There are all kinds of opportunities; if there’s an opening for a position you’re always welcome to send your application. Siwertell is an evolving company, it’s been building machines for a long time and we are always improving with new technology.

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