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site name Bruks-Siwertell

Ship unloader - Taiwan

Siwertell ship unloader

Siwertell unloader out-performs on price, power consumption and operational costs

Taiwan’s state-run organization, Taiwan Power Company, is at the forefront of energy generation, meeting the country’s growing demands for sustainable, reliable and cost-efficient power. Part of securing this commitment was the replacement of some older coal handling equipment with highly efficient, enclosed Siwertell ship unloading technology. 

Customer need 

Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) is based in Taipei City and takes its energy-generation responsibilities for Taiwan’s population of 23 million people very seriously. The state-run power utility group cites that it recognizes that the industry faces an ‘energy trilemma’ in its pursuit of three main ambitions: energy quality, energy security, and environmental sustainability. 

As part of this picture, Taipower has made a number of investments in a diverse energy mix and where it is still using coal to smooth its domestic energy supplies, it has looked to adopt enclosed ship unloading technology to eliminate material waste from spillage and minimize dust emissions. 

Taipower operates some of the world’s largest coal-fired power stations. When Taipower needed new high-capacity coal handling equipment for its 5,500MW Taichung power-generation facility based in Longjing, Taichung, to replace some aging open-air material handling technology, it put its requirements to the market. The successful supplier would have to meet very strict contract parameters and ensure that it met a tight delivery schedule. 

Our solution

Bruks Siwertell won the contract to deliver a large-scale, fully assembled Siwertell screw-type ship unloader. The delivery timescale was one consideration for the order, the others were that the unloader had to compete on three platforms: price, power consumption and operational costs. 

In the open, international bidding process, the equipment that offered the lowest total cost, across all three factors, was awarded the contract; and that was the Siwertell ship unloader.

The rail-traveling Siwertell 940 D-type overbeam unloader was delivered via heavy-lift vessel in 2022. It has a rated coal handling capacity of 2,200t/h, with a guaranteed average capacity of 1,650t/h; equivalent to 75 percent efficiency. The Siwertell equipment connects to three shore conveyor belts and replaced two existing coal bucket chain unloaders. It is meeting its owner’s needs, efficiently discharging vessels between 60,000 and 150,000 dwt. 

Taipower knows what to expect from a Siwertell unloader. It is a returning customer with the first two units sold to the operator in 1982, followed by two unloaders for its Hsinta power plant and then a further two for the Talin power station, both in Taiwan. The Hsinta and Talin power stations also operate Siwertell 940 D-type unloaders, putting Taipower at an advantage when it comes to servicing and parts. As part of this contract, it also ordered a spare parts package.


For more information, please contact

Regional Sales Manager, East Asia

Ola Jeppsson

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Additional facts

Unloader model

VST 940-D (overbeam)

Unloading capacity


Maximum ship size

60-150,000 dwt

Total weight


24.234249215091, 120.48366799273

Taichung Harbor