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Ship unloader - Jordan

Siwertell ship unloader


As part of Aqaba Port’s modernization, joint venture enterprise UTE TR PHB Jordan was tasked with replacing a sulfur-handling grab crane with a more environmentally friendly solution. With a legacy of over four decades of enclosed, safe sulfur handling, this is where Bruks Siwertell came in. 


Sulfur is an unstable, corrosive material that can be harmful to the environment. Correct handling is critical to prevent unnecessary environmental damage from dust emissions or spillage within a port. However, sulfur in an enclosed space is problematic, as it has the potential to self-ignite and explode. 

The Jordanian port of Aqaba needed to refurbish, upgrade, and expand its existing jetty to ensure a first-rate fertilizer handling facility. Used by Jordan Phosphate Mines Co, the port receives sulfur destined for the nearby fertilizer plant, and therefore required a safe, high-capacity solution, which could meet production demands and protect the environment. 


Bruks Siwertell collaborated with engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor UTE TR PHB Jordan to equip the port with a high-capacity Siwertell ship unloader, fitted with Siwertell Sulfur Safety System (4S) technology. 

4S is a two-stage system that works on a preventative basis, seeking to eliminate the risk of explosions or fires by monitoring and removing ignition conditions. Its second-stage functions are containment and extinguishing. In the unlikely event of an explosion, pressure is harmlessly vented into the atmosphere. If a fire occurs, an automatic fire extinguishing system is activated and the system is shut down.

The unloader replaces a grab crane and introduces a new dimension of bulk handling to the port, unloading sulfur with virtually zero dust emission and no cargo spillage.


Environmental performance was an important factor in Bruks Siwertell securing the contract. Aqaba is located at the northeast tip of the Red Sea, which is known for its unpolluted waters, coral reefs and beaches. The port is now equipped with a rail-mounted Siwertell ST 640-M screw-type unloader capable of discharging sulfur from vessels at a continuous rated capacity of 1,200t/h. 

The port no longer has concerns about spillage or dust creation, as the unloader is totally enclosed, starting at the ship’s hold with a material intake below the cargo level, and continuing to the discharge point at the receiving belt conveyor.

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