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site name Bruks-Siwertell

Ship unloader - China

Siwertell ship unloader in China

Inland location poses unique delivery challenges

Siwertell ship unloaders are well-proven in handling coal, offering efficiency, reliability, impressive through-ship performance and environment-friendly discharge without dust creation or spillage. When a new power plant in China’s Jiangsu province needed a continuous unloader, novel methods were needed to deliver and install it. 


A new coal power plant, required to replace an ageing facility, needed to be built in Suqian, China, by Guodian International Economics & Trade Company, now part of China Energy. It required a high-throughput handling solution that could unload large volumes of coal, arriving by barge along China’s network of inland canals. 

The machine needed to be flexible enough to handle all the various grades and moisture contents of coal arriving from different sources, without any negative impact on performance. The plant’s inland position also presented a unique delivery challenge. 


Bruks Siwertell is well-acquainted with handling coal for China’s power plant network, and it was decided that a tried-and-tested rail-mounted ST 640-M ship unloader, would be ideal for the new power facility.

Environmental considerations were high on the agenda for the plant-replacement project and the customer chose a Siwertell unloading system because of its market-leading environmental performance, high efficiency and well-established reputation for reliability.

Siwertell unloaders are inherently clean and this is becoming an increasingly important factor in many dry-bulk trades as regulations demand that terminal operators do all they can to minimize their environmental impact.


The unit was delivered in component parts by barge to the Suqian quayside, where it was assembled, installed and commissioned in 2018. 

The unloader now discharges coal on a near-continuous basis from barges up to 3,000 dwt at a rated capacity of 1,000t/h. 

The operators of the Siwertell unloader indicate that the system fits the power plant’s requirements perfectly and it is delivering a consistently high throughput to fulfil the critical fuel-supply demand of the plant’s boilers. Thanks to the unloader’s reliability and easily-replaced wear parts, the long-term, continuous supply of coal to the power plant has been successfully secured.

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