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Siwertell ship unloader

Fremantle Ports benefits from through-life service commitment

Bruks Siwertell is committed to supporting customers throughout their machines’ working lives. When Australia’s Fremantle Ports needed help to eliminate an uncharacteristic vibration in the vertical conveyor of its Siwertell screw-type ship unloader, it did not have to wait long for a solution.

Customer need 

Long-standing customer, Fremantle Ports, business name of the Western Australia Government’s trading enterprise, Fremantle Port Authority, has operated its Siwertell screw-type ship unloader since 2001. Used primarily for the totally enclosed, dust and spillage free handling of sulfur, it has discharged more than eight million metric tons of the commodity, proving to be a very reliable machine to run and maintain. 

When the unloader’s vertical screw conveyor system required a replacement wear part, a new component was installed. But following this work, the otherwise perfectly functional vertical screw conveyor developed a strange and uncharacteristic vibration when conducting unloading operations. 

Although it did not seem to materially affect unloading performance and through-put, with the unloader functioning normally apart from the noise and vibration, Fremantle Ports was concerned that it might result in excessive wear on the machine in the long-term. However, as much as the company’s own on-site engineers were attempting to address the problem, it was proving difficult to pinpoint the exact cause and resolve, requiring expert input from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).  

Our solution

Bruks Siwertell flew out a surveyor to the Port of Fremantle to diagnose and resolve the root-cause of the problem. Following a series of complex testing procedures and the systematic dismantling of sections of the vertical conveyor, a misalignment issue was identified. 

Elements of the screw conveyor were rotating around different centre lines. Making use of laser alignment techniques and drawing on new parts delivered from Sweden, along with stocks of spares held locally, the alignment was corrected and the machine was reassembled. The operator noted the surveyor’s methodical approach and technical knowledge. The unloader is now quiet and free of abnormal vibration, performing to the customer’s complete satisfaction.

All our products are designed to operate for decades and we want our customers to experience long-term satisfaction. Bruks Siwertell works closely with operators all over the world to find solutions for any issues that arise. If a customer has a problem, we have personnel with the expertise and determination to find the cause and carry out high-quality repairs, minimizing any disruption or downtime.

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