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Service - UK

Siwertell ship unloader

Service - UK

Siwertell ship unloader

Good service keeps 40-year-old ship unloader running smoothly 

For over 40 years, a cement handling Siwertell ship unloader has been hard at work for Forth Ports Limited in Edinburgh, Scotland. The operator’s good service strategy has ensured its peak condition, and when a slewing bearing replacement was needed, Forth Ports knew where to turn.

Customer need 

The busy Port of Leith, Edinburgh, is the largest enclosed deepwater port in Scotland, and handles a diverse array of shipments, including project and ro-ro cargoes, recycling and cars, as well as dry bulk materials. 

For Leith’s imports of cement, Forth Ports Limited operates a continuous Siwertell ST 440-D screw-type ship unloader, which was delivered in 1980 and discharges bulk ships at 500t/h. 
After four decades, the unloader is still working hard, and meeting the Port’s needs. Part of ensuring this has been the operator’s dedication to good maintenance, including working closely with Bruks Siwertell for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) input as and when needed. 

When it comes to larger service tasks, OEM parts and expertise can be invaluable, saving time and offering cost savings. When Forth Ports needed a replacement slewing bearing for its Siwertell ship unloader, the operator once again turned to Bruks Siwertell for support.

Our solution

Although it is true that in some cases Bruks Siwertell does have to advise when new equipment is needed, the company prides itself on knowing the difference. If the same requirements can be met with an existing system, even one with major upgrades, Bruks Siwertell works with customers not to replace it. It is also part of the company’s sustainability strategy.

Replacing a slewing bearing in a large Siwertell unloader is one of the more complex service tasks. In the case of Forth Ports’ ship unloader, it required removing the top of the system, the vertical arm and its attached platform, as well as the turret, which necessitated the use of several cranes. Machinists were dispatched to fabricate the new components, including a new slewing bearing.

Following the six-week service schedule, Forth Ports are very satisfied with the work carried out. Feedback from the operator notes that: “The system is working fine and feels like a new unloader, with much smoother slewing.” 

Forth Ports values the importance of maintenance and undertakes the necessary work to keep the unloader running smoothly. Now that the equipment is fully overhauled, Bruks Siwertell expects it to have many years of reliable service ahead.

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