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Service - Oman

Road mobile ship unloader Bruks Siwertell

Service - Oman

Road mobile ship unloader Bruks Siwertell

Recommissioned road-mobile unloaders offer cost savings in Oman 

Bulk cement can now be transported with increased capacity and at lower costs for Oman operator, Pioneer Cement, thanks to two recommissioned and renovated Siwertell road-mobile ship unloaders. Their new owner is undertaking a rigorous maintenance program, including new digital service technology from Bruks Siwertell. 

Customer need 

Headquartered in Muscat, Oman, Pioneer Cement LLC, is among the leading suppliers of construction materials in the region. With dynamic business operations located in Oman, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kuwait, Turkey, and Tajikistan, its responsiveness to the changing market demands of the cement industry is key. 

Noticing the need for greater capacity, but also flexibility, efficiency, and environment-friendly dry bulk handling, Pioneer Cement required a new cement ship unloading solution. It had to be able to move between the ports of Suwaiq, Sultan Qaboos, and Sur in Oman, directly discharging cement to bulk trucks, with the longest distance covered standing at around 350km, between the ports of Suwaiq and Sur.

Furthermore, Sultan Qaboos Port, situated in the Muttrah district near the center of Muscat, is primarily a passenger port with frequent cruise ship traffic, posing a unique challenge for dry bulk handling activities, so the operator needed a dust-free, minimal noise solution.

Our solution

This dry bulk handling solution came in the form of a pair of previously-owned Siwertell road-mobile ship unloaders, one 5 000 S and one 10 000 S, which offer the company a unique combination of operational flexibility and market-leading through-ship efficiency, and are capable of deploying within an hour of arriving at the quayside. 

“This flexibility allows us to strategically select the most efficient port for delivering cement to specific customers, ultimately leading to a reduction in the product’s final price. Thanks to the utilization of these road-mobile unloaders, bulk cement can now be transported with increased capacity and at lower costs,” says Saeed Taghdisi, Technical Manager, Pioneer Cement.

Following Pioneer Cement’s decision to purchase and recommission the previously-owned unloaders, it turned to expert original equipment manufacturer (OEM) input from Bruks Siwertell to ensure that they were operating at peak efficiency. 

They each required a program of work and the operator has also opted to invest in new digital service technology from Bruks Siwertell, enabling it to use augmented reality (AR) glasses for maintenance tasks under the supervision of Siwertell experts at its service center. The combination of good design and Pioneer Cement’s rigorous maintenance program, a commendable level of cement unloading efficiency, with minimal dust emissions has been achieved. 

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