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Conveying - Slovenia

Bruks Tubulator

Long, high conveying needs met with air-cushion expertise 

Slovenia’s largest cement producer, Salonit Anhovo, was looking for a way to decrease its reliance on fossil fuels and embark on a project that would see the plant switch to a sustainable, alternative fuel source, requiring high-capacity conveying over long distances.  

Customer need

Based in Deskle, near the village of Anhovo, about 20km north of Nova Gorica, is Slovenia’s largest producer of cement, Salonit Anhovo. As part of its commitment to environmental sustainability, Salonit Anhovo has embarked on an ambitious path for its Anhovo cement plant, citing an intention to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and to be carbon-neutral by 2035.

Salonit Anhovo investigated many power-generation options, ultimately opting for a good alternative to oil and coal, domestic refuse and shredded tires. 

Once it decided on an alternative fuel, the company needed to secure its reliable, high-capacity supply. For this, it required an out-of-the-ordinary approach to dry bulk material conveying, needing to transfer material over a distance of more than 480m, with an inclination of seven degrees, and an unloading point located 50m above ground level.  

Our solution

Bruks Siwertell worked closely with Salonit Anhovo to find the best conveyor configuration for transferring waste material from the receiving and shredding station to the plant’s preheater tower. 

For long, high conveying, Bruks Siwertell has the ideal solution, the Bruks Tubulator. It is part of an innovative air-supported conveying range, which eliminate the use of idlers from under the belt and deliver low-friction, high-capacity conveying with minimal equipment wear and very low operating costs. The Tubulator achieves capacities up to 40 percent higher than comparable conventional idler belt conveyors.

At Anhovo, the Bruks Siwertell solution uses Tubulator type-CT 830 conveyors, which deliver a continuous refuse derived fuel and shredded tire handling rate of 20t/h (160 m3/h).

Tubulator conveyors are also totally enclosed, eliminating spillage and dust emissions. They have a rigid design and employ suspension cable tower technology that reduces foundation requirements and minimizes construction costs. This enables long installations over difficult terrains with minimal supports between spans. It also makes it easier to route a conveyor in an existing plant, such as Anhovo.

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Salonit Anhovo


Tubulator conveyor type-CT 830

Material handled

Refuse derived fuel and shredded tires at a rate of 20t/h (160 m3/h)

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Deskle, Slovenia