The Bruks story

A history of innovation

Bruks’ history is rooted in innovation. Bruk means industrial operation in Swedish, and its name was suitably applied to a farming family’s venture in Hälsingland, Sweden, in the 17th century, when it built a hydro power station and turned the farm into an industry with a saw mill and brickyard.

Customer-driven solutions pioneer success

Decades of steady success and developments for the industrial age came to the forefront in 1954, when a devastating storm in the central parts of Sweden wiped out vast areas of forest. Bror and Erik Eriksson, the two farming brothers from Bruks, invented a motor-driven forest trailer, drawn with a farming tractor, that successfully harvested the storm struck forest. This marked a turning point and in 1959 the Bruks corporation was founded.

Merged portfolio of market-leading technology

Today’s Bruks has emerged from a series of acquisitions and agreements. Bruks has skillfully united its own high performance innovations with those of a number of separate companies. These include Klöckner, which dates back to 1898, Rotom Verkstäder, General Vibrating Conveyor, Celtec Engineering and Rockwood Materials Handling. This combined, market-leading portfolio makes Bruks one of the most relied upon brands in wood processing, conveying, milling, screening, and stacking and reclaiming.

A new chapter

Adding to this legacy of merged capabilities, in 2018 Bruks became a strong, equal part of a new venture, the Bruks Siwertell Group, specializing in dry bulk handling and wood processing. With its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, Bruks Siwertell is majority owned by JCE Invest, with Cargotec Corporation holding a 48 percent stake.

Founding dates of acquired companies

1897 Klöckner GmbH
1959 Bruks Mekaniska AB
1979 Rotom Verkstäder AB

1983 General Vibrating Conveyor AB
1984 Celtec Engineering AB
1998 Rockwood Materials Handling Inc 

Bruks’ historic milestones

1959 Bruks officially founded as a corporation
2000 Bruks AB acquires Klöckner Gmbh
2000 Bruks Inc Atlanta is established
2006 Acquisition of Celtec Engineering AB
2007 Acquisition of Rotom AB
2007 Bruks Group is established
2008 Acquisition of Rockwood Materials Handling Inc
2008 Acquisition of General Vibrating Conveyor AB
2008 Bruks China Ltd established 
2012 Bruks sales office in Moscow, Russia, established
2018 Bruks Group and Siwertell AB merged to form Bruks Siwertell