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Leading market standards for environmental protection and safety

Siwertell technology provides you with the most environmentally-responsible and safe dry bulk handling operations on the market. Environmental protection has always been a key consideration for Siwertell and regulations are now imposing increasing demands on the industry to provide clean and quiet operations. With a focus on minimal dust creation and spillage, low noise levels, high efficiency and minimizing risks, our products exceed all current environmental legislation requirements relating to dry bulk material handling.

Siwertell Conveying system

Minimal dust creation and spillage

Siwertell offers clean dry-bulk handling based on totally-enclosed operations. A layer-by-layer unloading method minimizes dust creation and prevents cargo avalanches inside the hold. Every loader is equipped with the appropriate loading chute, minimizing dust creation at the loading point. This leads to processes with almost no spillage or dust. Negative pressure is created in conveying lines, eliminating emissions and avoiding dust leakage at connection and transfer points.

Siwertell Low noise levels

Low noise levels

Along with the products’ other environmentally-friendly features, Siwertell unloading systems are very quiet. With strict regulations for sound levels at ports in urban locations, our unloading technology can be deployed in pollution-sensitive sites and densely-populated areas.

Siwertell Highest efficiency rates

Highest efficiency rates

Our high efficiency rates result in low energy consumption per tonne of cargo handled. Regardless of the dry bulk material, Siwertell offers equally efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions.

Siwertell loading

Minimizing risk

Siwertell’s enclosed conveying systems minimize the risk of pollution and health hazards when handling dangerous commodities. However, enclosed systems can create a risk of explosion and fire for some materials, for example sulfur. Siwertell addresses this problem with its 4S Siwertell Sulfur Safety System. The 4S detects and extinguishes fires and minimises the risk of explosions; safely containing them when they do occur. 

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