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An excellent investment

Businesses are paying more attention than ever to controlling the costs of their assets, including major operational hardware. They are looking for machinery that has the lowest through-life costs, often expressed as the total cost of ownership (TCO).

TCO is based on the premise that you must look far beyond the initial cost of ownership to determine the best way forward, recognizing that a poor decision could result in support and maintenance outlay that can be many times the cost of the hardware, typically increasing dramatically as time passes.

A good TCO assessment should result in the choice of equipment with predictable, reasonable through-life costs, allowing the owner to budget accordingly and make meaningful financial projections.

TCO influences can be direct and indirect and they vary depending on the particular operating circumstances. Here are some factors you might consider when looking for bulk material handling systems, followed by brief explanations showing how Bruks Siwertell scores well in all these areas.

During installation

Our competitively-priced ship unloaders and ship loaders are compact and lightweight compared to most traditional systems, such as grab cranes and bucket-chain systems. This often eliminates the need for expensive jetty modifications. Siwertell road-mobile unloaders remove the need for port infrastructure almost entirely.


During operation

Bruks Siwertell equipment delivers many economical advantages: the energy cost per metric ton of material handled is extremely low; through-ship performance is excellent, maximizing efficiency and reducing the time that a vessel spends at the berth. Manpower requirements are minimal.

With minimal dust creation and no spillage, clean-up costs are negligible and there is no loss of cargo.

Bruks Siwertell units handle bulk material so gently that cargo degradation rates are very low. This is especially important for bulk material such as alumina, biomass and grain, as the production of fines (powdery material) dramatically affects downstream processes. This can mean that a shipment is down-graded, reducing its value, or that production costs increase.

Through-life cost savings

Bruks Siwertell systems have a solid reputation for reliability, reducing the chance of unplanned downtime and its associated costs. Bruks Siwertell offers a global network of long-term original manufacturer support for spare parts and service.

Maintenance costs are low because of the excellent build-quality and the long life expectancy of wear parts. When major changes are required Bruks Siwertell units can be upgraded, modernized and relocated if necessary, so operators can be safe in the knowledge that their ownership of a Bruks Siwertell machine will keep paying off throughout its life.

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