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Victor Lundberg - Warehouse Operator and Quality Control

It is a meticulous job, parts are painstakingly checked for tolerances and quality before they are packaged and leave the warehouse; Victor Lundberg, Warehouse Operator and Quality Control, Siwertell, Gunnarstorp, Bjuv, Sweden, explains why this is so important

I think that it is evident from all the people that you speak to within Siwertell that they are incredibly proud of Siwertell as a company and of the products that it offers the dry bulk handling industry. We know that each and every one of us plays an important role in the final system working successfully on the quay and performing well for its owner. At the heart of this success is our attention to quality.

As I work in quality control, I have handled just about every Siwertell product since I started working with Siwertell in 2018. When the parts arrive at our warehouse, we make sure that all their measurements are comfortably within the set tolerances. I then securely pack them into their corresponding boxes and crates.

The importance of every part

The sheer magnitude of our products is fascinating. Just as we all play our part within the company, each and every component in these impressive machines must also play theirs.

The first thing I do with any shipment of parts is assure their quality. This includes accurately measuring parts with traditional tools, such as micrometers and calipers, but also more advanced methods such as 3D scanning and measurements using our FaroArm Edge. This is a great tool for meticulous and effective precision measuring that enables production speeds to be maintained.

Once I am happy with quality control, parts are sent to the next company location, usually the warehouse, where they are stored in preparation for shipping. 

When they are required, parts must again be made ready for transport. The parts and their quantities are usually different every time we prepare a shipment as Siwertell unloaders are built as individual units and tailored for each customer. Therefore, it is very likely that they will differ in how they need to be packaged each time. All elements must be taken into consideration when we pack them. This ensures that they arrive in optimum condition, ready for assembly.

Problem solving

The quality control work that I do means that I must be able to read a technical drawing and understand how the different tools for measurements work, and as a warehouse operator, I also have to be able to operate forklifts and traveling cranes. 

You need good communication skills as well. I work with personnel from all departments and meet a lot of truck drivers as I also unload and load their trucks.

I love to solve problems, many of them mathematical, and come up with solutions to fit parts into a crate or a new way of measuring something. I also love the freedom that I am given to work and the responsibility I get to carry on behalf of Siwertell.

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