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Malin Pekberg - CRM Manager

My name is Malin Pekberg and I work in Siwertell’s Service department. My colleagues and I are proud of our products; they are environmentally-friendly and efficient. We believe that a Siwertell machine can become a life-long friend if you take care of it and maintain it well. We care about our customers and their equipment; we never leave a customer in the lurch, we always try to help them.


Together we develop marketing strategies 

I am responsible for marketing Siwertell’s Service products such as spare parts, conversions, maintenance work, planned services and repairs. I prepare quotations for service work with our key account managers and surveyors and plan the work with our field service managers. I am also responsible for the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, onto which we log all our contacts, equipment and business details and relevant documentation. 

I am a member of two working groups, the service management team and the Siwertell marketing group. Together we implement, work towards and follow-up our action plans for each year and as part of the Siwertell marketing group, we develop marketing strategies for both service products and new equipment sales.


Siwertell encourages employees to think for themselves 

I work mostly with colleagues in Bjuv and with our service teams around the world, as well as external contacts with suppliers. I also work with other members of the Siwertell marketing group. I work closely with colleagues and managers, so decision paths are short, which facilitates and streamlines work.

I have a degree in Marketing and Economics from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, which provides me with a good foundation for the job. During my employment at Siwertell I have had the opportunity to participate in various courses and training. I am particularly interested in the efficiency of internal company processes and encourage solutions that tackle this issue and generally improve and help our work. I am also interested in and curious about digital solutions and would like to drive the company forward in this area.

The thrills of my job are that you never know what the day will bring. The environment at Siwertell encourages employees to think for themselves and this allows me to pursue things that I am interested in and suggest ways to improve or change the things that I think we can do better. 


Siwertell gives me great freedom of responsibility 

I have the opportunity to develop my creativity and skills in my work. My manager, the Service Director, gives me great confidence and the ability to action opportunities. I enjoy tasks that I am able to solve without being instructed on how to solve them. I think Siwertell gives me great freedom of responsibility and I have many pleasant and easygoing colleagues that I like. 

There is great opportunity to change jobs within Siwertell. Over the years within the company, I have worked as both an assistant project manager and freight forwarder prior to my present position as CRM Manager. As Siwertell is part of the Cargotec Cooperation, there are also opportunities to take employment within Cargotec’s worldwide organization.

Siwertell’s products are built on an old invention – benefiting from refinements and developments over the years – that still stands today. Many colleagues have been part of Siwertell for a long time and know our machines very well. Through our new employees, we gain new skills and new ideas, which I believe will continue to give Siwertell a bright future.

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