Demo-Tour 2018



Demo-Tour 2018

During this fall we have the pleasure of conducting a demo tour with our Mobile Chipper 806.2 PT Trailer. A complete wood chipper on a trailer with crane. This machine is designed for operation from a larger agricultural tractor. With the smart control and hydraulic systems, it’s easy and quick to attach the machine to a suitable tractor. 

The machine that we introduced in 2017 now updated with, among other things, larger wheels for better carrying capacity and as option; there is a longer the chip tube with integrated chips accelerator.

Of course, the machine is equipped with the updated 806.2 chipper where we have made quality and user improvements on 83 points. To name a few, new type of bearings and new higher sides on the infeed table, new type of anvil, improvements in the chipper house and hood…..All in order for you as a user of our chipper to get an even more reliable and robust machine with high productivity.

The demo tour starts on FinnMetko in Finland on week 35 to advance to Poland and EcoLas Week 36. After that, we will show the machine at the AFP fair in the UK in week 38. The first week of October, we are planning to run a demonstration of the chipper in Windsor, UK. When the machine returns to Sweden, there will also be opportunity’s to see it at some of our customer or in our factory.

See our events for more information about exact times and places.


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