Colombo Energy Pellet Plant successfully uses BRUKS machinery


Colombo Energy Pellet Plant successfully uses BRUKS machinery


Pellet Industry


Greenwood, South Carolina


drum chipper, truck dumper, bed stacker reclaimer, hammer hog, hammermill


End of 2016


Colombo Energy Pellet Plant successfully uses BRUKS machinery

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The Colombo Energy Pellet Plant is producing 500,000 tons of pellets per year since end of 2016,  and had selected BRUKS as the system supplier of the complete wood yard materials handling and processing system, including a drum chipper, back-on truck dumper, circular blending bed stacker reclaimer, bark hog and green grind hammermills.

Logs are received by a drum debarker with 3.3 m diameter and 24 m length. The BRUKS drum chipper produces microchips of approx. 10 x 5 x 2,5 mm out of 17 m long roundwood. The chipper produces a uniform microchip and constantly high chip quality at an average capacity of 200 to/h, with momentary peaks of up to 350 to/h.

After chipping the chips are stored using the BRUKS circular blending bed stacker reclaimer. This machine design provides Colombo with first-in, first-out inventory control. The circular blending bed stacker reclaimer minimizes the amount of manpower required for daily operations. It utilizes full 360 degree slewing to stack and reclaim wood chips. It entails a traversing harrow that agitates the pile for even feed to the reclaim screw conveyor. The storage capacity is approx. 28,000 m³ of microchips.

A BRUKS back-on truck dumper provides Colombo with design efficiency on the materials receiving side, including the ability to supplement chipper production with wood chips purchased from a variety of sources.The back-on truck dumper unloads up to 5 trucks per hour and is designed for 2 million lifts, respectively an operating time of approx. 25 years.

Purchased fuel will be screened after final arrival on site. The heavy-duty BRUKS rotom hammer hog resizes oversize material as well a s bark from the drum debarker. The end product is used as fuel for the boiler system at plant site.

A series of BRUKS hammermills enhance the design and ensure the drying system presents high quality product ideal for the pelletizing process. Each of the four high capacity hammermills is equipped with an own feeding system and cleaner for heavy particles and achieves an average capactity of 50 to/h with momentary peaks of up to 70 to/h.

The Colombo Energy Pellet Plant in Greenwood, South Carolina is owned by Enviva.

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