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BRUKS Rotom Hammer Hog Horizontal Fed


BRUKS Rotom Hammer Hog Horizontal Fed

BRUKS Rotom Hammer Hog featuring 3‐step size reduction is based on many years of experience and R & D. The efficient, compact and very sturdy design is made for years and years of trouble free operation. The Rotom Hammer Hog ́s modular design enables a range of different infeed and rotor configurations. Oversized hammers and anvils and their extremely powerful action make the hog suitable for many different type of materials like: bark, forest residues, industrial waste and sawmill waste.


BRUKS Rotom Hammer Hog Horizontal Fed

BRUKS Rotom Hammer Hog sticks out with large service hatches and easily exchangeable, reversible wear parts which allow an easy maintenance on that machine. The bottom screen comes in a variety of designs adapted to the desired product size. The rotor consists of heavy duty hammers with turnable knives for really tough applications. Energy chips for power plants or heating systems can be made from the most difficult to handle, contaminated cheap energy wood.

Rotor diameter (mm/inch): 800-1,500 / 32-59

Drive motor (kW/HP): 90-710 / 122-965

Output capacity (m3/h loose chips): 45-345

Weight approx. (to/lb): 3.6-26 / 7,940-57,320

Alternative Equipment

  • Rotor drum with different types of knives
  • Hydraulic manually or electrically operated
  • Wear plates in milling chamber
  • Screen in different configurations
  • Infeed screen section


  • Feeding with vibrating conveyor
  • Feeding with conveyor belt
  • Metal detector
  • Outfeed screw conveyor
  • Outfeed chain conveyor
  • Outfeed by conveyor belt
  • Outfeed by Tubulator
  • Dust suction unit
  • Hanging screen
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