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BRUKS Knife Ring Flaker


BRUKS Knife Ring Flaker

BRUKS Knife Ring Flaker can optimally process wet and dry raw materials. The products from the flaking systems can be used as first class surface material in the particle board production as well as in production of homogeneous chipboards or fine layer chipboards. Furthermore the product from a BRUKS knife ring flaker is a perfect input material for the pellet production.


BRUKS Knife Ring Flaker

BRUKS Knife ring flaker work most economically. Due to the special design with fixed outer ring and rotating impeller in combination with the air flow system the machine has a very low energy consumption. The vibrating dosing conveyor ensures an even feeding of material. This feeder is available with coarse and fine material screens. Impurities in the material can substantially reduce useful life of wear parts. The standard heavy particle separator removes mineral and metal particles from the material. Optional available magnet plates in the chute in combination with a magnetic drum ensures an optimum removal of magnetic parts. The airflow system allows the precise control of the air quantity with optimal material distribution in the reduction chamber. This guarantees the best quality of the end product and prolongs the lifetime of tools and wear parts. Apart from this the air flow system eliminates clogging or build up in the machine.

Knife ring diameter (mm/inch): 1,000-1,400 / 39.4-55.1

Drive motor (kW/HP): 110-250 / 147.5-335.3

Output capacity (to/h; lbs/h): 4-22/ 8,819-48,502

Weight approx. (to/lb): 3.3-8.2 / 7,275-18,078

Alternative Equipment

  • Knife ring with different diameters
  • Knife ring with different number of knives


  • Feeding with vibrating conveyor
  • Cover for vibrating conveyor
  • Magnet roll in front of inlet
  • Heavy particle separator
  • Maintenance platform
  • Dust extraction unit
  • Electrical cabinet
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