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BRUKS Hammer Mill Dry


BRUKS Hammer Mill Dry

BRUKS High Capacity Hammer Mills have been developed and manufactured since the early fifties for the wood industries worldwide. They are working in the board mill industry, pellet production, briquetting, wood composites and boiler fuel production. BRUKS High Capacity Hammer Mills stick out by high throughput, high quality fibres of different kinds of wood, sturdy design and low maintenance cost


BRUKS Hammer Mill Dry

BRUKS High Capacity Hammer Mills allow an easy and fast access to the milling chamber: both machine sides including screens and milling tracks can be hydraulically folded away from the machine. A quick changing of wear parts is possible with a simple and solid clamping system of screens and milling segments. The type of hammers as well as the screen perforation can be selected according to requirements. The machine is designed to run anti‐ clockwise and clockwise. Thus turning of hammers, screens and milling segments is not necessary. The hammers can be made of highly wear resistant material and the tool costs are minimized.

Rotor diameter (mm/inch): 700-1,600 / 27.6-63

Drive motor (kW/HP): 75-630 / 100.6-844.8

Output capacity (to/h; lbs/h): 2-25/ 4,409-55,116

Weight approx. (to/lb): 1.4-14 / 3,087-30,870

Alternative Equipment

  • Rotor with different types of hammers
  • Rotor with different numbers of hammers
  • Screen in different configurations
  • Milling segments in different configurations


  • Feeding with vibrating conveyor
  • Cover for vibrating conveyor
  • Magnet roll in front of inlet
  • Heavy particle separator
  • Maintenance platform
  • Dust extraction unit
  • Electrical cabinet
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