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BRUKS Drum Chipper Drop Fed


BRUKS Drum Chipper Drop Fed

BRUKS Drum Chippers produce high quality wood chips according to the specifications from various industries. Over 60 years of continuous development and experience from applications in the board, sawmill, pulp & paper as well as bioenergy sectors have resulted in a highly flexible machine program for all possible customer requirements. Heavy duty design, easy access for maintenance and replaceable wear parts ensure long machine life and maximum availability.


BRUKS Drum Chipper Drop Fed

Wood chips from BRUKS Drum Chippers can be used in the form of high quality pulp chips, long fibre chips in knife ring flakers or MDF refiners as well as micro‐chips for direct drying in pellet mills. Energy chips for power plants or heating systems can be made from the most difficult to handle, contaminated cheap energy wood.

Rotor diameter (mm/inch): 450-2,000 / 17.7-78.74

Drive motor (kW/HP): 22-2,000 / 29.5-2,680

Output capacity (m3/h loose chips): 10-800

Weight approx. (to/lb): 2-25 / 4,409-55,116

Alternative Equipment

  • Rotor drum with different number of knives
  • Hydraulic manually or electrically operated
  • Screen divided in two pieces
  • Wear plates in rotor and counter knife
  • Bushes in rotor
  • Rotor turning device
  • Rotor in Hardox
  • Rotor hood in Hardox
  • Screen in Hardox
  • Electro start up assistance
  • Brake hydraulically or electrically operated



  • Feeding with vibrating conveyor
  • Feeding with conveyor belt
  • Metal detector
  • Outfeed screw conveyor
  • Outfeed chain conveyor
  • Outfeed by conveyor belt
  • Outfeed by Tubulator
  • Outfeed with bin prepared for air transport
  • Dust suction unit
  • Hanging screen
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