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BRUKS Stoker Floor Reclaimer


BRUKS Stoker Floor Reclaimer

The BRUKS Stoker Floor Reclaimer provides customers with very robust means to receive, store and conveyor large volumes of material. The BRUKS Stoker is suitable for use in various applications including truck receiving as well as open and closed storage applications.

  • Robust design capable of interface with mobile equipment such as dozers
  • Capable of handling high storage volumes
  • Can be used to provide fully automated storage
  • Proven design capable of handling a variety of materials


BRUKS Stoker Floor Reclaimer

The BRUKS Stoker Floor Reclaimer is a hydraulic push / pull system that is installed on a concrete base. The robust nature of the equipment can be designed to withstand large static and dynamic loads. This characteristic makes the Stoker Floor ideal for receiving and storing large quantities of materials.

The BRUKS design is modular in nature. This allows customers to customize the size of their available storage area. In addition to the modular storage area, customers can also custom design the conveying volumes by use of VFD’s to control the stoker’s reclaim rate.

BRUKS offers custom designs that can be suited to the individual customer needs. Below are some example sizes that are typical of BRUKS Stoker Designs.

Stoker Floor Reclaimer


Stackable Module Widths:



Module Lengths:



Flow Control:

VFD Rated Motors

Material Flow Enhancers:
Where material clumping or bridging is a concern, the BRUKS stoker can be equipped with ancillary devices to improve material flow. A spike roll can be provided inside the hopper to break apart large clumps of material that may result in “frozen” or “high sap” conditions. The spike roll is designed to reduce the size of these clumps prior to shear gate. Another option for improved material flow is a levelling roll at the discharge head of the stoker. The levelling roll is designed to uniformly distribute material onto the take-away conveyor.
Dust Control:
In an application where dust control or mitigation is an issue. BRUKS stokers can be equipped with containment devices or hoods that reduce and contain dust emissions.

  • Customer oriented engineering
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Turnkey planning including material transport, screening and storage technology
  • Implementation in existing plants
  • Parts consignment programs
  • Service and reliability programs
  • Installation
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