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BRUKS Linear Overpile Reclaimer - Cantilevered


BRUKS Linear Overpile Reclaimer - Cantilevered

The BRUKS Linear Overpile Reclaimer is fully automated and allows for safe, easy and efficient storing, blending and reclaiming of materials.

  • Robust and reliable design
  • Proven performance
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Improves process efficiency and product quality


BRUKS Linear Overpile Reclaimer - Cantilevered

Linear Overpile Reclaimer can be designed to meet the customer’s storage requirements. Just about any pile width or length can be accommodated whether it is covered or open to the environment. Materials of construction and customer preferred components can be accepted at time of design

The reclaimer boom and main frame are mounted on rails alongside the pile on which the reclaimer travels upon. Located on the main frame are the electrical room, mast structure with hoist, and the access platform. The machine is all above grade installation. The reclaimer boom is a truss structure design with wear liner for the reclaim chain. The reclaimer boom angle is controlled by a cable winch with multi strand pulley reduction. The Reclaimer boom is attached via a bolted connection to the elevation chute fixed to the reclaimer drive carriage which is supported by trucks on the support rails. The reclaimer travel drives consist of AC motors, shaft mounted speed reducers, and variable AC drives. The number of driven wheels are designed to provide even travel force. The reclaimer capacity is controlled by varying the travel speed via the AC variable frequency drives.

The electrical room houses the PCP, PLC, VFD’s, and Lighting Panel. It is an insulated single unit with an isolated control cab complete with industrial environmental controls. The heating and cooling unit is of sufficient capacity to maintain the temperature at the level required by all devices. It is shipped to the job site pre-tested and pre-assembled in one piece. Also included are two access doors. Fluorescent light fixtures are mounted in the ceiling providing ample lighting to all areas of the control room.

The Reclaimer Chain Drive is typically a shaft mounted type gear reducer with a motor delivering power to the reclaimer drive shaft. The drive shaft is designed with heavy-duty roller bearings and heavy-duty chain sprockets. The reclaimer chain is designed to the specifications of BRUKS.

The Reclaim Inclined Pan and Chute are both designed for free flow of material and maximum wear life. Both are designed with no obstructions and are made of wear resistant AR plate. The reclaimed material is pulled up the reclaim pan located on the centerline of the machine via the reclaim chain and rakes. The rake design also includes

the use of wings, or a curved profile to help direct the material into the pan and to increase the capacity.

  • Customer oriented engineering
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Turnkey planning including material transport, screening and storage technology
  • Implementation in existing plants
  • Parts consignment programs
  • Service and reliability programs
  • Installation
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