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BRUKS Chain Reclaim Hopper


BRUKS Chain Reclaim Hopper

The BRUKS Chain Reclaim Hopper allows for safe, easy and efficient reclaiming of materials from trucks or dozers. The BRUKS Chain Reclaim Hopper comes with a variety of options including dust covers, spike roll, Hydraulic adjustable backstop, walkway and handrails, leveling roll, and an access platform. The Chain Reclaim Hopper are offered in a variety of sizes.


BRUKS Chain Reclaim Hopper

BRUKS offers a compatible chain receiving hopper used to convey materials away from the chip trailer and onto the customer’s take-away conveyor. The BRUKS design utilizes above grade construction eliminating the need for civil excavation or below grade pits. The live bottom design uses heavy duty class drag chain to efficiently convey the materials in mass through a shear gate prior to discharging onto the take-away conveyor.

The BRUKS chain reclaim hopper is offered in multiple widths. A 12’ wide design is recommended for clean, uniform and free flowing materials. For processes that may receive lower quality materials, BRUKS recommends the extra wide 14’ or 16’ hopper design.

The hopper’s conveying capacity is controlled by chain speed and the adjustable shear gate opening. In typical operations these parameters are permanently established as part of the commissioning

phase. By utilizing a VFD (by others) the customer will maintain the ability to fine tune reclaim capacities through chain speed control.

Where material clumping or bridging is a concern, the BRUKS hopper can be equipped with ancillary devices to improve material flow. A spike roll can be provided inside the hopper to break apart large clumps of material that may result in “frozen” or “high sap” conditions. The spike roll is designed to reduce the size of these clumps prior to shear gate. Another option for improved material flow is a leveling roll at the discharge head of the hopper. The levelling roll is designed to uniformly distribute material onto the take-away conveyor.

The BRUKS equipment is provided with a discharge hood that covers the head pulley of the hopper. This hood includes a mounting flange for the customer’s chute work leading to the take-away conveyor’s skirt board. For proper material transition and flow, a minimum valley angle of 65 degrees should be applied to a properly sized belt. BRUKS Rockwood engineering will provide recommended guidelines as part of the approval documentation process.

Zero speed switches are provided for the drag chains and optional roll devices.

  • Dust Covers
  • Hydraulic Adjustable Backstop
  • Passenger Side 24” Walkway & Handrail
  • Spike Roll
  • Leveling Roll
  • Access Platform
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