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BRUKS Circular Blending Bed Stacker Reclaimer


BRUKS Circular Blending Bed Stacker Reclaimer

A Circular Blending Bed Stacker Reclaimer is used to conveniently store bulk materials in an outside or inside pile in a highly organized manner, for automated and fully blended reclaim.

The BRUKS Circular Blending Bed Stacker Reclaimer is a fully circular pile storage system that has true Firs IN, First Out (FIFO) pile management. Blending occurs during the stacking and reclaiming phases, significantly reducing variability in the pile.

The BRUKS Circular Blending Bed Stacker Reclaimer is designed in versions ranging from less than 1 million cubic feet of live storage, to over 10 million cubic feet.


BRUKS Circular Blending Bed Stacker Reclaimer

The Circular Blending Bed Stacker Reclaimer accomplishes material stacking via an Air Cushion Belt Conveyor slewing in a continuous 360 degree clockwise motion. The stacker requires no idlers, covers, or pull cord switches. Dusting is minimized by fully controlling the material through discharge.

The reclaimer bridge is a truss structure design that rotates about the stacker column on a travel drive/wheel arrangement. Reclaiming of the material is done through the continuous traveling of the harrow through the material which is mounted on the reclaimer truss structure. The reversible mechanical harrow agitates the free flowing material causing the material to cascade downward into the mechanical screw reclaim device. This accomplishes true first-in-first-out reclaiming of the material.

The screw reclaim device then conveys the material into the center turret of the machine. Controlled material flow is achieved by delivering the material through the turret to the

discharge chute. Dusting is also minimized here as BRI requires no open hoppers. The material is directed into the reclaim conveyor and delivered away from the machine.

It is recommended at this location to take advantage of BRUKS Rockwood’s process patent applying the use of an Air Supported Belt Conveyor. By applying this technology the following is achieved:

  • Civil Requirements are Reduced Tremendously
  • Vault Size is Reduced up to 60%
  • No Conveyor Tunnel is necessary
  • Maintenance Below Grade is Reduced Tremendously

The BRUKS Rockwood Process U.S. Patent No. 60-712/325 also provides for the use of the Air Supported Belt Conveyor Technology to feed the Air – “MAX” Chip Blending System. Tremendous advantages are achieved via the Rockwood patent in this application.

  • Fully Enclosed Conveyors
  • Eliminate Tunnels
  • Reduce Support Requirements
  • Minimize Installation Cost
  • Eliminate Dusting
  • Minimize Maintenance (no idlers)
  • Reduced HP Requirements
  • Minimize Operating Cost
  • No Walkways Required
  • No Pull Cord Switches

The BRUKS Rockwood design does not require a cumbersome and high maintenance screw hopper to be located under the reclaim hopper. BRI achieves controlled flow with the design of the primary screw reclaim. This is accomplished with a half trough allowing excess material to fall off of the back of the screw in the case of surges.

For emergency reclaim BRUKS Rockwood eliminates the need for having heavy equipment such as bulldozers near expensive automated equipment such as the stacker/ reclaimer primary support. BRUKS Rockwood has incorporated into Air – “MAX” System the ability for emergency reclaim via a manual reclaim hopper located just on the outer peripheries of the pile easily and SAFELY accessed by mobile equipment.

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