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BRUKS Vibrating Feeder Deck


BRUKS Vibrating Feeder Deck

BRUKS Vibrating Feeder Deck is a receiving hopper for different bulk materials like; wood chips, sawdust and bark, and can also be used for different wood based materials like waste wood, spillage bark etc.

The Feeder Deck is loaded by a front loader or a crane, and provides a smooth and controlled feeding of the material to the next conveyor. To achieve a perfect operation, the following conveyor should be a vibrating conveyor.


BRUKS Vibrating Feeder Deck

BRUKS Vibrating Feeder Decks operates at “natural frequency”, which means that each conveyor is designed and tuned so that it´s through oscillates in perfect relation to it´s capacity, through weight and spring force. This guarantees minimum power requirement and low maintenance.

The Vibrating Feeder Decks trough rests on springs, mounted on a solid steel frame and is set in motion by a crankshaft via one or more connecting rods. These have flexible trough attachments to ensure smooth starts and stops.

The entire unit is balanced, which reduces the dynamic forces and allows installation on high level with normal steel support.

The heavy duty design of the Vibrating Feeder Deck ensure a good function, also when handling heavier material like wet and unprocessed bark etc.

The driven upper feed roller ensure a controlled feeding also when the Vibrating Feeder Deck is fully loaded.


m³ loose/h


Trough width


 4 - 6

Transport speed



Conveyor length (max)



Type of springs


Coil spring (steel)

BRUKS Vibrating Conveyor come with a variety of options including metal detector, magnetic separator, screening sections with round holes, finger screens, heating elements, damping plates, conveyor in balanced design, etc.

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