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BRUKS Air Supported Conveyor - The Belt Conveyor

BRUKS Siwertell introduces a new innovative enclosed conveyor design called The Belt Conveyor ™, a system composed of a standard belt supported on a bed of pressurized air over a formed steel trough.  This new design eliminates idlers and all the maintenance issues associated with the traditional conveyor design.  Most importantly, this innovative design eliminates the safety and environmental issues caused by airborne particulates and mitigates product loss that is commonly generated by other conveyor designs. 

Key Features


  • Low noise
  • Control dust
  • No spillage
  • Reduced rain contamination


  • Handles all bulk Materials
  • No belt alignment
  • Higher allowable belt speeds
  • Fully enclosed
  • Steeper conveying angles


  • No nip points
  • Moving belts totally enclosed
  • No rollers means no access required
  • No rollers means reduced fire danger


  • No walkways with options for walkways
  • No belt sag
  • No idlers
  • No pull cord switches
  • No lights along length of conveyor
  • Reduced belt damage


  • Modular design
  • No belt training
  • Long spans up to 250 ft
  • Less number of support bents
  • Reduced foundation loads


  • No roller means reduced friction, reduced parts replacement, reduced house cleaning
  • Reduced foundation loads


BRUKS Air Supported Conveyor - The Belt Conveyor

The BRUKS Air-Supported Belt Conveyor utilizes a standard conveyor belt suspended on a light air cushion of air in an enclosed structure. Low pressure blowers located along the conveyor creates the air cushion on the transport side. The conveyor is also equipped with an enclosed and integrated air slide return along the return side. This provides for a dust free system, virtually eliminating housekeeping costs and aggravating dusting.

The Air-Supported Belt Conveyor system consists of the head unit, tail unit, and the required number of intermediate sections. Since the equipment utilizes very few moving parts it is a very system with low maintenance costs. The air-supported

design also provides for a very low noise level application with no turning idlers. No walkways are required along the conveyors.

For quick and easy installation the conveyor is manufactured in standard modular sections. Complete erection cost for the Air-Supported Belt Conveyors are typically less than conventional conveyors.

The BRUKS Air-Supported Belt Conveyors come with a variety of options including covers, magnetic separators, metal detection systems, dust mitigation, cleaning devices, and weigh scales.

  • Customer oriented engineering
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Turnkey planning including material transport, screening and storage technology
  • Implementation in existing plants
  • Parts consignment programs
  • Service and reliability programs
  • Installation
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