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About Bruks


Innovation turned into reliability and flexibility

BRUKS products and solutions origins from the wood industry and has during the years been further developed into other bulk materials. Innovation is key for BRUKS and the innovation can either be development of new products or solutions or to innovate new ways of working. BRUKS brand stands for reliability and flexibility. Reliability requires products and solutions with high quality, that has been tested and evolved for many years. Flexibility is the ability to understand customer’s needs and to provide the best suitable products and solutions.

BRUKS products and solutions are widely used. It started with market leading products to process wood material such as chippers, hammer mills and different types of screens. The customers demand on improved environment brought new products and solutions like conveyors, truck unloading different types of storage systems as well as ship loading. BRUKS products are used many types of dry bulk material such as grain, cement, coal etcetera. Independent of application or bulk material, the products and solutions are reliable and flexible.

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